Posted by Guardian Australia on Tuesday, May 06, 2017 13:37:47 Racecourse lane, northallertown, north east Victoria, has been described as “the most beautiful place on earth” by former racer John McAllister.

    Mr McAllisters father, Joe, started racing at the racecourse in the 1950s and would be involved in the first-ever World Series of Motorcycles race in the 1960s.

    “I think the most beautiful part of it is the view.

    It is a very beautiful view,” Mr McAllies father told ABC radio on Tuesday.

    Racecourse lane in northallerton was opened in 1974 and has been the home of the New Market Racecourse since that time.

    In 2014, the Newmarket Motorcycle Club won the title for the fastest-selling motorcycle in Victoria.

    The road has become a popular weekend destination for many racers, with thousands of racers visiting the course each weekend.

    After an unsuccessful attempt to redevelop the property, Mr Mc Allister and his son, Ian, built the New Markets new racecourse at the same site in 2012.

    They have now taken the project on to a new stage, with the race ground set to open in 2019.

    “I want to give it another chance.

    I have always said I want it to be one of the best places on earth.

    I want to bring it back,” Mr MacAllisters son Ian said.”

    We have the potential to create a beautiful place for people to come and have fun.”

    Race courses around the world are currently struggling to attract new racers due to a lack of funding and safety concerns, with many facilities having a reputation for being dangerous.

    This week, the International Motorcycle Federation (IMF) announced it would not be renewing the World Series World Championship Series (WSCS) in 2020 due to safety concerns.

    Australia is also facing a growing number of serious accidents involving riders and other riders.

    In April, a cyclist was killed and seven others were injured when a car collided with a cyclist on the Sunshine Coast.

    Last year, the Sunshine Council of Victoria announced it was launching a Safety Campaign to tackle unsafe road conditions.