The Government has been forced to admit it is slow to take action against the owners of The Irish Sea Racecourse in Co Louth after the Irish Times revealed that its owners were being inspected by a third party, after it was discovered that they had no inspection licence.

    A third party was hired by the owners to carry out a “road test” on the property in the autumn of this year, after the owners had been refused a licence to run their course.

    The owners’ website is no longer available and they were also not available for comment at a time of the publication of this article.

    A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture confirmed that the Government was “actively looking into this issue”.

    The Department of Transport and Main Roads, which oversees the race course, said in a statement: “We have a long-standing agreement with the Irish Sea Course owners to provide them with a thorough inspection.”

    The Irish Sea Racing Association has been contacted for comment.

    The Irish Times reported on Tuesday that the owners were having to pay £1,000 to inspect the property on the recommendation of an outside inspection company.

    The course is one of the most popular on the Co Lyth circuit, which attracts a huge number of spectators, and attracts an estimated 2,000 racers per day, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

    In its statement, the Irish Red Cross said it had “implemented an urgent inspection of the property for two months to ensure the safety of all spectators and staff”.

    The organisation said it would investigate the report of the inspection company, as well as the safety conditions of the course, to see if the owners are in breach of safety regulations.

    A spokeswoman for the Government said: “The Government’s Department of Finance has been working with the owners and is actively looking into the matter.”

    We have not made any comment on this specific case at this time.

    “The Department said it was “investigating this matter”.