A week after the opening of Perth’s new Westfield Westfield Mall, a trip to the city’s old-fashioned city centre is not a bad idea.

    There are some great options to choose from, but you need to be aware of the price.

    Here are the cheapest options, according to our local experts: LUDLOW AUSTRALIAN RACEFEST 2018: The event is scheduled to be held on October 10, and is advertised as “Australia’s oldest indoor racetrack”.

    There is a price of $1,995 for a “classically styled” ticket, but it is worth noting that this is for the racecourse and not the main event.

    The venue will also have “garden-style” seating, and “dynamic” lighting to enhance the spectacle.

    The main racecourse has seating for 10,000, which is roughly the same number of spectators that were in Perth during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

    The park has seating of more than 20,000 people.

    The ticket price is $1.25 per seat, or $876 for three seats.

    THE HILL: The Hilly, as it’s called, is being held at the same venue, but with a new name.

    “The Hill” is being renamed “Hill Racecourse”.

    The venue has seating up to 20,600, and seating for around 10,600.

    It is also more flexible than the Westfield, which seats more than 18,000.

    The prices are similar.

    The event has seating on the course for 10K and is scheduled for October 8-9.

    The price for the two races is $2,195.

    The HILL 2018: A similar price, but a bit more relaxed.

    There is seating on both courses for 10k.

    The Hill 2018: This is the same as the Hilly but with some more seating.

    The race costs $3,195, but is a little cheaper than the Hills.

    The hill racecourse is scheduled from October 9-11, with a $3.95 entry fee.

    The same ticket costs $4,195 for two races.

    THE FEDERAL HILL MALL: Located in Perth’s CBD, the Federal Hill Mall has seating capacity for 18,200.

    The entrance fee is $3 per seat.

    There’s also a $4.95 entrance fee for three races.

    The cheapest tickets available are $2.75 for three race tickets, and $5.95 for four race tickets.

    There will also be a “gigantic” concession stand, and you can get “dressed up in your favourite jumper” and “be dressed in your very own, very limited edition Perth Warriors T-shirt”.

    The event cost $2 per seat for three tickets.

    THE ROUNDING ROAD RACE: The $1 ticket price has been slashed from $1 to $9.

    If you’re a die-hard Perth fan, you might be able to pick up a cheaper ticket for this event, as the venue has not changed its name since 2014.

    The round-the-world track is located at the corner of the city, and will have the same layout as the previous event, with the entrance fee down to $1 for three ticket purchases, or you can pay a “per seat” fee.

    Tickets can be purchased online or by phone.

    THE MONDAY NIGHT RACE AT THE WAULTURN: The same event is happening at the old Westfield.

    The opening is scheduled on October 9, but tickets are still available online.

    The first three races are free, and are being held on the same day as the Westfields opening.

    The pricing will be $3 for three seat tickets, or the same price as the WAAF’s last big event.

    There’ll be plenty of room for spectators in the seats, but the seats are “fancy” and can seat up to 10,400 people.

    You can pick up one of the seats for $1 per seat or $3 with a discount, or pick up two tickets for $2 each.

    THE GIANTS AT WINTER PARK: This one is pretty much the same ticket price as before, but there are more seats.

    The tickets will cost $1 each, but they’re still a bit cheaper than before.

    The Giants at Winter Park is scheduled September 13-14, and costs $1 a ticket.

    Tickets are still on sale online.

    It’s a popular venue for big events, and the event is taking place on a weekday, so you should be able at least a few spectators.

    Tickets will cost a little more than $2 a seat, and seats are a bit less spacious.

    Tickets for the Giants at Springvale Park will cost just $1 apiece, and they’re being held the same weekend as the opening