— — A few years ago, I was driving around a park in New York City.

    I was going through the park, when I came across the Zimsson racecourse.

    I said, “Hey, that’s awesome.”

    I had never heard of the place.

    I went to Zimsons main entrance and saw a sign that said, ‘The Zimons racecourse is a Disneyland resort.’

    And I said to myself, “Well, that must be great.”

    The next thing I know, the place was in Disney World and the Disneyland Hotel was next door.

    So, I went there and bought a ticket.

    That’s when I was hooked.

    So many other places had been in Disney Parks.

    I loved them all, but Zimsson was different.

    So I thought, “How could I get into Disney World?”

    It was the only place I knew of that was not in the parks and attractions that are in the Walt Disney World resort.

    It had everything you could want.

    You could see Mickey, you could see the Haunted Mansion, you had your favorite movies, and it had everything in-park.

    But the best thing about Zimslons race course was it was the first place I could see Cinderella and go to Disneyland.

    It was an amazing place.

    It’s an unbelievable place, a place that is just so perfect.

    It is an attraction and it’s an attraction.

    But most of all, you get to experience the magic of Disney World, of course, and we have Disney World at Zimstone.

    We have all kinds of Disney movies.

    There’s a great collection of them that we all know about.

    So when I first went to Disney World to see Cinderella, I knew I had to go to Zimbson race course.

    That was it.

    So every time I would go there, I would be like, “Okay, what else is there?”

    I was like, what are we going to do?

    I’d go to Disney and say, “What are we waiting for?”

    I’m not a fan of movies.

    I didn’t have a lot of movies at the time, but I wanted to see them.

    I wanted them all.

    I had the first time I saw Cinderella when I went and bought the ticket to go see it, and that was the most magical moment.

    That is what I’ve come to know and love about Disney World.

    That place was amazing.

    When I’m here, I’m going to be in awe of the wonders of the parks.

    I’m a big Disney fan.

    And so, I’ve always been in awe.

    I’ve been a fan since I was a kid.

    I started going there when I got my first ride when I started working in the parking lot of the Disneyland Resort.

    It just happened to be the first ride in the park and I was there and I said “Hey.”

    So I went.

    I walked around the park for a while, and I had a good time.

    I love the people.

    The people were so friendly.

    I just got to know the place and that’s what made me stay.

    I like it.

    And I’ll be back, hopefully in five years.

    I know it’s not going to happen this time, and there’s going to have to be some changes, but it is the place to be, and you have to take a look at it.

    I will always love Disney World because of the magic.

    I can’t wait to go back to Disney.