Photographer: Sarah Tilton-Kearns The fireworks race course at Northampton’s Racecourse Northampton in north-west England is getting some extra attention after it was named the best-preserved piece of Australian history.

    The firework display at the northampton racecourse was put on by former Olympic swimming champion Chris Tuffey in 1988.

    The Northampton Fireworks Company is selling the display at an auction this week.

    “The fireworks display was created in the 1970s and the display was in very good condition,” said Sarah Tompkins-Kears, a spokeswoman for the Northampton Racecourse, a charity which has maintained the display for almost 20 years.

    “We’re very proud of it.”

    The display is the oldest and the most popular in Northampton.

    The display was started by the Northamptons Water Festival in 1989, but was taken over by the Racecourse in 2002.

    It was restored by the company in 2017.

    The Northampton Fireworks show will be sold for an undisclosed sum at the Northborough Arts Centre, which has been turned into a museum.

    The proceeds will go towards the Northbridge Park Heritage Trust.