The children’s racecourse in Haydock Racecourse, Sydney, has a strong reputation for providing safe and enjoyable lessons for all ages.

    The school was named “Best Place to Teach Kids” by Kids and Kids Magazine in 2010.

    But the school’s owners, Mr and Mrs Cheltenhamp, are hoping to improve the school on Saturday when they launch a new course in the hope of helping kids who have not yet had a chance to learn.

    Mr Chelkenham said the racecourse was not just a children’s course but also a family friendly and family-friendly environment.

    “When I was first starting out we had a lot of kids coming in, and when I was about 12 years old I had one kid that was about 16 and it was a bit of a challenge for us because we had to take a kid out on a race,” he said.

    “We’d go into the paddock and they’d just come running in to race the cars.

    It was really quite a challenge.”

    The racecourse, which opened in 2010, has had a long and colourful history.

    In 1919, the school was renamed after the daughter of a racecourse owner.

    In 1923, the first race was held at the course.

    More than 100 years later, a new racing course was built to run between the races.

    More recently, the race course has been a place for children to play and learn.

    “It’s very good for kids to be able to come to this course and see the history of the sport and to see the people that are involved and what’s happening in the community and the kids really love it,” Mr Chelkensham said.

    He said the school hoped the course would bring children together and give them an opportunity to grow and learn together.

    “You can really get the most out of the kids here and they’re very, very passionate about what they do, which is really what I like about this place,” he added.

    “And I think it’s a great opportunity for the kids to get to see people that they really respect.”