The Waterlea Racecourse in Queensland could be ready to open its doors to the public by 2019.

    A local farmer has already taken the plunge, after winning a competition to design a racecourse for the property.

    “This is a really exciting time to be a paddler,” said John Lacey, who is a member of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Board.

    “We’ve got a great area here, there are lots of things to explore and there’s a lot of people wanting to do it, and this is a great opportunity for them.”

    Lacey has been working on the project since January.

    “I had a chance to look at it and I thought I could make it work,” he said.

    “It’s a very small area, it’s a paddock, and it’s in the wrong place for paddlers.”

    There’s just a lot to do in there.

    “That’s one of the things I think is going to make it a really special place.”

    Lacy said the design had been completed and he could see the racecourse opening up as early 2018.

    “They’ve already done their work, and the water is good, it hasn’t rained for a long time,” he explained.

    “The racecourse is on a bit of land that they’ve been trying to grow and protect for the past couple of years.”

    So I think they’ll be ready in about a year’s time.

    “Lacey said the project would cost about $250,000 to build, but would be more than sufficient to attract paddlers and their families.”

    You could do a fair few people paddling at a time,” Lacey said.