A new survey shows that job seekers are keen to take up the role of racecourse manager, according to a report by local newspaper the Chronicle.

    The survey, conducted by the local Chamber of Commerce, found that jobseekers are interested in working at the racecourse as a result of the city’s success.

    The racecourse has been a magnet for the local community since its opening in 2005.

    The racecourse opened its doors to the public in February, with the first race at the time being the world record speed of a 7.8km track lap.

    Newcastle City Council was able to get the job posted, with job seekers being told that it would take a minimum of six weeks to complete the application process.

    In the report, the chamber said the job is the second highest-paying job in Newcastle with a starting salary of £34,000.

    Job seekers are looking to join the race track manager team and have been asked to show they have the skills to manage the facilities and track as well as the right attitude.

    The report also found that the race is one of the most popular venues in the country, with about 70,000 people visiting the race course each year.

    Newcasual jobs, which cover all aspects of the job, were also seen in the survey, with nearly one-third of job seekers saying they were interested in a job in hospitality, retail and food services.

    The job is not limited to racecourse managers, with a job at the nearby racecourse being the top-paying in the area with a minimum starting salary topping £40,000, and an average starting salary for those working in hospitality was £36,000 per year.