Updated March 28, 2018 10:53:57 Racecourse bookmakers have revealed which bookies have the best odds on the Sydney Waterlea Racecourse fixture between the Queensland Reds and the NSW Blues.

    Key points:Betting odds on racecourse fixture at the Sydney Opera HouseBetting at the racecourse is the biggest draw at the Opera House since the event’s launch on July 6, 2017Source: The Sydney Opera Times, News LimitedTopics:sports-and-entertainment,festival-and.sports,australia,nsw,nelson-south-10500,nsc,tas,sydney-2000,nunnaclauan-2405First posted March 28, 2019 07:53, last updated March 29, 2019 08:33:55Racecourse bookmaker SportsBet is offering its staff a chance to win a prize at the 2017 Sydney Opera Festival with a $200 bet.

    Sydney Opera House racecourse betting odds:Bet on the NSW Reds to win the Grand Final, with a 4/1 chanceBet on Queensland Reds to beat the Blues by a single pointBet on Sydney to win by four points and a $250 betSource: SportsBet/AAPTopics:austrialian-football-league,nhl,titans,nsp,sydney-3000,melbourne-3000First posted  March 28.

    2019 09:08:02, last modified March 30, 2019 13:31:24A NSW racecourse bookie is offering a $100 bet to win $100 worth of tickets to the Sydney NRL grand final.

    It comes after a bettor received a $500 prize when the NRL grandfinal was played at Sydney Opera Hall last year.

    Betting tips on the 2017 NRL grand Final:Bet $50 on the Queensland team to win it by seven points and $200 on NSW’s Blues teamBet $100 on the Blues to beat Queensland by a point.

    Bet $300 on the Broncos to beat NSW by five points.

    Bet a $50 bet on the Reds to defeat the Blues in the final.

    Bet on a NSW team to beat Brisbane by seven.

    Bet against the Blues and the Broncos in the NRL final.

    The odds of winning tickets to this year’s NRL grand FINAL can be found at the following websites:SportsBet/aapTopics:nrl,nrl-league-football,sport,aussies,auckland-6701,aUSTRALIAFirst posted┬áMarch 28., 2019 06:51:04, last edited March 31., 2019 08,01:42The Sydney Opera’s 2017 Sydney NRL Grand Final was played on July 26, 2017.