Updated January 26, 2019 10:30:13 The Gallops Race Track will soon be back to its former glory as a racecourse for the young and the young at heart.

    The Gallops Community Health Centre is set to be built on the site of the racecourse and is set for completion in the next few weeks.

    A new health centre and fitness centre will be set up, along with a children’s playground and a fitness centre and exercise room.

    This new facility will be open to all and will feature a fitness room for children and the same range of services for adults.

    The facility is expected to be operational in April 2019.

    The community health centre will provide a variety of services including diabetes support, weight management and health screenings, and will also offer free dental work.

    The site of Gallops track was a main entry point into the town during the 1849 uprising, and was also the home of a military camp and the headquarters of the Royal Navy.

    There are no plans for any further development of the site at this time.

    Gallops Race Course is owned by a consortium of local businesses, including the local hospital, the Gallops Police Service, the Newmarket Racecourse Development Corporation and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

    The Government has been keen to get the site ready for the opening of a new racecourse in 2018.

    The Government has also invested around $300,000 in the site, with the goal of turning the site into a vibrant new community centre, with a new children’s fitness centre, a childrens fitness room and a new playground.

    In 2016, the Government committed $1.5 million to the redevelopment of the course.